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Spectrum Metro: Invest In the Right Commercial Space

June 17, 2022 | Silky Malhotra

Spectrum Metro: Invest In the Right Commercial Space

If you are looking for a commercial space that offers promising great business potential in Noida, then you can have a look at Spectrum Metro. This is one of the most gracefully designed commercial spaces in the city. The customers can easily enjoy 1 km long high street retail shopping in the complex. This commercial estate has been developed near a catchment of more than 2 lakh families. The corporate employees are shifting to the residential zones within the vicinity of Noida. The economic potential of the city, complemented by the developments in the infrastructure has led to a large-scale migration of the corporate population to Noida.

Moreover, the area has more than great connectivity, both through metro railway and roadways. People looking for a commercial or office space in the city have a look at the Spectrum Metro price. The demand for commercial properties in the city has increased over the past few years. Moreover, the prices, too, are likely to increase in the years to come. Considering the rental potential of properties, it is wise to make your investment now. 


Locational advantage


This commercial estate is situated on the main road which is 60 meters wide. This is one of the most prominent landmarks in Sector-50, Noida. The structure is developed in a corner plot with open areas on four sides. A large parking zone is there in the gated complex which can accommodate more than 5000 vehicles. The well-organized space will let the customers easily park their cars. The complex has adequate safety equipment and it is manned by high-quality security and remains under CCTV scanner. It also has different points for entry and exit. More than 100 international brands will open their store here and thus it will attract more crowds easily. In addition to it, it will also house serviced apartments and high-end office spaces. 


Spectrum Metro Sector 75 will turn out to be a major entertainment hub in the city. It includes 10 screen megaplex developed by INOX and there would be more recreation zones. The connectivity to the nearby areas is one of the top-notch advantages for the retailers buying a commercial space in the complex. This make sure there is an excellent footfall in the complex.

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